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Digital marketing

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May 27, 2020


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1. _________is one of the online marketing trends.
2. For which browser does Google support voice search?
3. Can you google yourself?
4. How can you find the time in London in a Google Search?
5. Which of these is recommended when working on SEO strategy
6. White hat SEO relates to the use of__________
7. The goal of email marketing is  to
8. Which of these is a type of written content?
9. How  to open WordPress Dashboard

DSA helps in________

11. Search engines do not index some common words (such as "or","and","when" and "in") within web page. What are these common words called?
12. While grading your website, Google gives credit to outbound links pointing to authority websites?
13. What is Anchor Text?
14. Which of the following factors have an impact on the Google PageRank?

15. ____________ is a form of digital marketing that describes the use of the social web and social media (e.g. social networks, online communities, blogs or wikis) or any online collaborative technology for marketing activities, be it sales, public relations, research, distribution or customer service.

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